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Carpet Cleaning

Prolong the Life of Your Carpets

Carpet is a major investment in your home. Properly caring for it is a safeguard in that investment.

Since 1996, The "Professional Difference" team at ASAP has strived to perfect the science of carpet cleaning. We test our pre-treat solutions and rinsing agents daily to ensure that they return your carpet to a perfect neutral PH balance. This will eliminate leaving a residue that attracts and holds soils and will help extend the life of your cleaning.

Vacuum a minimum of once a week, twice a week is recommended. High traffic areas typically are the first 6 feet of entryways and foyers. These areas should be vacuumed more frequently. Soil is abrasive. Each time you walk on your carpet, you are wearing it, actually scratching the fibers, creating those traffic areas. If you don't maintain your carpet, in time, these traffic areas become permanent. Most carpet warranties require professional cleaning a least annually.

From a health perspective, the US Environmental Protection Agency makes the following recommendations on the frequency of carpet cleaning.

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ASAP Carpet Cleaning, Inc

The Science of Neutralizing Odors

Many of the odors encountered are the result of biological actions. One of the contributors to these odors is nitrogen. Nitrogen tends to bond to other atoms by sharing electrons and forming new compounds. For example, when nitrogen is bound to 3 Hydrogen atoms NH3, ammonia is formed.

The use of enzymes can be effective in treating the problem if they reach the source and remain in contact long enough. When pet urine is released from the body, it is acidic. Over time it will decompose and become an alkaline salt. Fresh urine is acidic and old urine being an alkaline salt, may require different treatments. During the summer or times of high humidity or in the spring rainy days, the salts pull moisture from the air and surrounding environment, making the odor more noticeable.

Carpet Protection

Dupont Teflon Advanced Carpet and Upholstery Protector

DuPont has developed a new generation of carpet and upholstery protection with enhanced repellence and soil resistance. Your carpets and upholstery stay cleaner, brighter, fresher, longer because Teflon Advanced is on the job protecting against soil and stains.

Quick-drying Teflon Advanced is applied as a spray onto your freshly cleaned carpet or upholstery. With each application, Teflon Advanced creates a powerful, invisible shield around each fiber to keep dirt, dust, and liquids from lodging within the carpet. Teflon Advanced also works to reduce soiling on water-safe upholstery fabrics. Because of its outstanding repellence, Teflon Advanced gives you more time to clean up and remove spills and dirt before they are absorbed into your carpet

Air Duct Cleaning

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The Benefits of Clean Air Ducts

  • Respiratory Health
  • Extends the life of your furnace
  • Removes Smoke Odors
  • Fights Mold & Allergies
  • More Efficient Airflow Saves Energy Costs
ASAP Carpet Cleaning, Inc

When It's Time for a Healthy Home Improvement

  • Every 3 years for optimal performance
  • After a flood or fire
  • Before moving into a new residence
  • When you have a high volume of pet hair
  • After remodeling or any construction

Protect Your Lungs!

Our new state-of-the-art cleaning system will ensure that dirt and fine allergen particles will be safely removed from the trunk lines and furnace. Not only do you save money on energy costs, but your air quality improves, making your home more comfortable for those who suffer from dust allergies to asthma.


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